Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wedding Singer - featuring: The Drexelbrook!

.......Who could accommodate a wedding in 3 hours notice? The Drexelbrook! Might I also add a few more curve balls that were hit out of the park -

That's right, this wedding was at an off site location, Ridley Creek State Park. Vegetarian with vegan option menu, 100 guests, not to mention waitstaff, dishes, glasses, linens, set up in a short time! The only way any caterer could do this is with experience, teamwork and a passion for perfection.

.......Ever since I was a little girl, The Drexelbrook was the place to have your wedding. With it's mansion like architecture, beautiful patio's, exquisite gazebos, elegant chandeliers, and shiny marble floors. The Drexelbrook is your canvas also for Mitzvahs, galas, proms, and any other social event you are planning. Don't forget, it is also the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony, for all ethnicities. Let's not forget the culinary experts behind the scenes to delite every palate.

.......So, if you are looking for the perfect venue for your special day or event, please do not pass up The Drexelbrook please take time to visit them at
for more information.

........Del's Groove has had the pleasure to work along side of the professional, courteous staff on many occasion. We look forward to working with you in the future.

All the best from Del's Groove & Del's Diva - Susan

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Del's Groove - At the Springfield Inn!! Just like old times!

....Wow, after 10 years it was so exciting to be back at the Springfield Inn...years later but this time with a band I am now privileged to be a part of Del's Groove I stopped in earlier that day to say hello to some familiar faces before showtime and to drop of my mom's birthday cake & my gear. It was not only a wonderful reunion, but a time to celebrate my mom Ann's 75th birthday!

Arriving an hour before showtime, I was greeted by so many wonderful faces from the past once again showing their support! I cannot express the overwhelming welcome not only I got, but the talented band members I have shared the stage with over the past 4 plus years. So many friends all came out. What was so remarkable, that I am so blessed to have so many awesome people in my life, but all the little groups that I hang with are always brought together at a Del's Groove event. Everyone knows everyone, so it's so much fun to see others reunite. Not to mention how they always fill me in as to how they know each other through their children, and throuout the neighborhoods.

Not only were we celebrating moms special day, but a few more to mention is Dianna, and Steve our keyboard player! Driving all the way from New York to suprise Dianna was Donna, we were ALL so happy to see het too!

Last but not least, thank you to the Springfield Inn for having us, we look forward to getting another friday night dance party going with you!

Please visit they offer a yummy menu and can accomodate all your party groups for any occasion!

Love to all - Del's Groove (delsdiva)

New Years Eve 2010-2011 Avalon Yacht Club!

.........Once again, Del's Groove had the privilege to welcome another year with the wonderful members of the Avalon Yacht Club. What is also unique is they share their venue with members of the Stone Harbor Yacht Club, alternating years. Del's Groove got to see many familiar faces from past events and got to meet several new faces. Bandleader Emanuel Del Pizzo and myself started the evening as Del's Duo during cocktail hour then the entire band had everyone on their feet dancing in the new year!

Please keep Avalon Yacht Club in mind for your upcoming wedding. The Staff & awesome Chef will do everything to accommodate your needs. Avalon Yacht club also has a spectacular view to the bay and many a breathtaking sunset can be your background to any special occasion!

All the Best in 2011 to our friends!

Thanks again for having Del's Groove!
Susan (delsdiva)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kevin Kramer - The Kramer Image

Well, I first did not meet Kevin Kramer at the 2010 Havertown Day when Del's Groove performed. It was the next morning when I received a Twitter mention that this guy Kevin had all these shots he took of us! Wow, I was thinking, well, who's this guy and how sweet! So, the other night I finally got to meet Kevin Kramer Funny thing is, we both walked about a block and half to meet, we are actually neighbors!

Kevin's love of photography started at a young age, when he was always the kid taking pictures, but his professional career got started with a little help from as we like to call it, "the day gig". I asked Kevin to send me some of his faves, I know this is a difficult thing to ask, but never realized he would have a story for each one. Kevin's warm and fuzzy personality, and dry sense of humor kept me entertained with each story, and was very heartfelt. So far his book is filling up fast for 2011 and he also plans on fitting in some workshops this year that will coincide with the birth of his second child in March!

So, as they say in Twitterland #gettingmarried #philadelphiaphotographers if you are looking for a photographer for weddings, senior portraits, family portraits, or any special occasion, please contact Kevin @ you will be happy you did!

Del's Groove would like to wish Kevin, his wife Jennifer, and little sister Emma many blessings on their new addition....a son & baby brother...coming March!

All the Best,

Susan delsdiva of Del's Groove

ps. In the following months I will be featuring other colleagues and all the services they will provide for all your occasions!