Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paolella-Boch Wedding at Trevo

Mr. & Mrs.
David Boch

On May 15th Del's Groove announced for the first time in public, Mr. & Mrs. David Boch! The wedding was at Trevo in Haddon Heights NJ, a beautiful Restaurant.
Well, I took on the drive with Alex & Mike......and Karen, (my
GPS). It used to be Ken, but, we broke up on the way to the shore when I did not like the way he took me, so, I changed it back to Karen, after all, us girls have to stick together. Now boys will be boys so of course Mike had to disagree with the way she was taking me, but, I ignored him as we bickered down Chestnut St. We arrive, and what great guys at the valet (which yet another thing Mike & I bickered about) park my car. Ok, set up & ready to go, ALL on time, and that's the way a huh, a huh, we like it!
Time to announce the wedding party, Mike being the emcee....does a great job, (as usual) our lovely couple dance to Halo by Beyonce. After a brief time we have our Bride/Father dance, Isle of Capri, with Raymond Smith doing an awesome job on vocals, he is our "Frank Sinatra" guy, and Groom/Mother dance Wind beneath my Wings with me on vocals (no tears) I guess my hormones were in check (thank God!), although several times that night I felt like my body was on fire wonder what that was? hmmm ;) shhhh. After that...the band kicks it out! I must mention that Emanuel DelPizzo was not with us for this event, as his family were all in Miami for his Daughter Carmie's graduation from law school..Congrats Carmie!! Special thanks to Steve Arditi filling in and as usual doing a bang up (no pun intented) job...
Meeting several friends of friends of mine (Craig, Bill & Kaz), Susanne, her hubby, Jill, Jen, and Amy the matron of honor, made this wedding all the more special. Got lots of pics you can all see on . I cannot go on without mentioning Brandon, our bride & grooms awesome little son who stole the show. Brandon mimicked everything Raymond did, all the way to him getting down on one knee when Raymond went on the dance floor to croon some Frank Sinatra, and playing his blow up guitar! He was so adorable! Our brides parents Mr. & Mrs. Paolella looked on with huge smiles on their faced throughout the night and Mrs. Paolella also joined me on vocals for a few tunes!
Nothing more can compare to a great night for me as "The Wedding Singer" as my feet not hurting! Oh yea, and not messing up any songs, because yes folks, sometimes I do....the memory is not as good as it used to be. Maybe, just maybe all those years of long island ice tea's and hanging out with Jose have effected the brain, but, not singing in clubs too much any more, maybe I restored some...The low humidity day also allowed me to have a good hair day.ALL day long. All these little things makes me happy...I'm a simple girl...does not take much to make me happy.
The night continued with Philip Ward entertaining the crowd on the dance floor assisted by guests singing along, and Mike Fein doing his funky rendition of Gold Digger with some new dance moves I have NEVER seen him do before....whining on the way home (not that he ever does that) his body was aching (saying from the yard work he did that day), but I did not want to burst his bubble that perhaps those dance moves had something to do with it, I am guessing he is feeling it today, funny how things hurt that never did before as the years go by, not that I know ANYTHING about that..(Alleve, two before bed) lol.
Del's Groove once again packed the dance floor, funky keys by Anthony DiMassa, Robb Feeney on bass (yea Rob, loved some of those riffs, and great job on Viva la Vida) Alex on trumpet... Brilliant! Grand finale was Don't Stop Believing, with all the guests singing around me in a circle, they sounded good too! Thanks to the Paolella-Boch family for these wonderful memories for me "The Wedding Singer" & Thanks once again for having Del's Groove at your wedding!!! We love you!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

morning/day of the gig...

Today is another Del's Groove event, we will be performing at the Paolella-Boch wedding. So looking forward to meeting this couple. Referred by a wedding we did that was awesome, so, I know this one will be as well. They all are! Two of my co-workers, Craig & Bill (day gig) went to school with our bride, Craig gave me a few names of the ladies that may be in the bridal party. This will help me as I start my first entry as "The Wedding Singer".
In preparation, as I get Diva'd up. I decided to get my hair done the day of the gig rather than doing it on a weekday. So, one less thing to do. I will come home, make up & dressed then drive to the gig (my turn) with Mike & Alex. So, gotta get to Salon Sheena to you soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the begining......

Welcome to my blog..."The Wedding Singer". I decided to start my own blog nearing a birthday I thought I was going to dread, but, instead, I welcome it! A little sad that it took me this long to be comfortable in my own skin, I will not dwell on that, but tell a tale of my history of being a vocalist in a top 40 band, then becoming "The Wedding Singer" A title I used to take as people making fun of me, but thinking well, I will laugh all the way to the bank. In these times, I am not laughing on the way to the bank, but thinking "hmm, what bill will I pay with this check?"
As I ponder that thought, I will tell you, I was a bandleader of The Finest, one of the first band that was a sequencer type band but with live musicians. It was a great 13 year ride. After taking a short "pause for the cause" as I like to say, I joined several other live bands that eventually led me to an awesome group I am now proud to be a part of called Del's Groove. Ok, so, you have not heard of us? Well, you can always go to and check us out. In the meantime, stay tuned. I will post all about the fun rehearsals we have to prep for a wedding, all that leads up to your special day. Last night's rehearsal was to prep for this Saturday coming, May 15th. We also managed to celebrate Alex's birthday. I made my usual box cake, using pre made icing, to impress the guys that I am a fine baker, when all I really do is follow directions. To them, well, the empty pan tell the story. We rehearsed Isle of Capri, Raymond will be crooning that one for our bride and her dad, and I will be singing Wind Beneath my Wings for our groom and his mom. Can't tell you how many times I sang that, now I finally do not cry, unless...those damn hormones kick in, which, yes, that is starting to happen! So, I will do my "dig my fingernail into my thumb" therapy to prevent myself from making an ass out of myself.
So, stay tuned...more to come, right now, gonna take a pause for the cause. Talk to you soon!!