Saturday, October 23, 2010

Del's Groove Havertown Day 2010

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This years Havertown Day was my most memorable! It is always wonderful to see old friends, and this year, not only did I get to hang with them, and, let's not forget mom who walks up every year, but, my friends Mike & Cesar came all the way from New York to hang with us as well. Let's not forget fellow musician Ed Mills who stopped by to check us out! Ok, we know parking is rough on this day, but how lucky am I to get premium parking at Pat & Missy's house. I recall showing Rob (del's baseman) where I parked, and, he told me he parked at the King of Prussia Mall and walked (Ed said he parked right next to him)...hahaha, leave it to Rob to get me cracking up! Of course my bff Eileen hung out with us, not only there but hung out all night, Joyce, Karen & Rick, Christy & George & family, Rita, Helen & Lisa and their families, and my awesome neighbors Orisel (our video superwoman) & the kids,to name a few. Never missing a year is Dianna & Pat, this year they manned their booth, you gotta check them out! Still found time to come down and shake a little booty! Also special shout out to the Rehoboth ladies - Mary, Torrie, Donnalee, & Judy.Pre gaming this event always starts out at Pat & Missy's..then off to Mcgillicuddy's for one more with Pat behind the bar.
Del's Groove had then dancing in the streets as they usually do. After the event, it was back to McGills for some food, laughs, and more fun!
The next morning I was pleasantly surprised by a special "tweet" from photographer Kevin Kramer with tons of shots he took of us! Thanks for all the photos Kev, Del's Groove looks forward to working with you in the future!
Thanks to ALL who came out to support us on this beautiful day! Special thanks to the event cordinators and our awesome soundman Bill!
See you soon!!

Susan (Del's Diva) ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sabrina & Michael

When you have known the bride since she was 16, it's an extra special day for The Wedding Singer. I mean, I want everything to be perfect, as so does Del's Groove, but this wedding was extra special to me. Sabrina & Mike we married on September 25Th. It was a picture perfect day, sun shining and the room at The Mansion was beautiful. When I first say Sabrina, I could not breathe, she was so stunning in her gown. To think back in the day from Cavaricci's to wedding gown...Then, all the guys kept saying..."did you see Sabrina? Wow!! No kidding! Wow! Michael, well, all I can say, you can wear a tux! So used to hanging with these guys at the beach and seeing Mike in a baseball cap, well, he took my breath away too, and I know Sabrina would not mind.

It was just last year, I was happily reunited with her cousin Linda, the Maid of Honor and a dear friend. Telling me, Sabrina and Mike were getting married and looking for a band, and could not believe after all these years we finally caught up and how they were wondering if I was still singing. This family always overwhelmed me about how they go on about my voice. So, it was at another wedding we did that they got to see us and Sabrina's mind was made up, she had to have Del's Groove and what a privilege it was! These guys also supported our Haiti Fundraiser and got to practice their dance moves before the big day.
All I can say is their guests were so much fun, dancing not just to us, but with us! We wish Sabrina and Mike a lifetime of happiness, and love. Thank you so much for having Del's Groove on your special day, it was just as special to us, as it was to you. See you soon!
We also would like to thank Inger & Doug of Keepsake Studios for sending us some beautiful photos for my blog! you can visit them at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

They Had The Time Of Their Lives..........

I really love our Brides & Grooms, I mean really! They all make me feel like there might just be that one guy out there for me. Alicia & Leo were definitely the stars of the day! I told Alicia that when I first saw Leo, I really thought he was this conservative quiet guy, well, was I ever wrong. Not only were they a beautiful couple, but to get their reception started the way they did, I knew this wedding was going to be one I would never forget.

Alicia & Leo were married on September 9th, and their reception was held at one of Del's Groove's favorite venue's The Drexelbrook. Not only a beautiful venue, but the service and every attention to detail is unremarkable!

Our awesome couple came into their reception dancing to a tee the memorable dance to Dirty Dancing...Time of our Life. Let me tell you, well, you can see for yourself how incredible this was. Their official first dance was Come Rain or Come Shine which, I know I am partial, but, if you heard, you would say the same, that Raymond & the band did this song perfectly! The evening followed with Alicia, yet again, dancing with her dad Angelo to a choreographed dance to Brown Eyed Girl, and Angelo can shake his booty for sure! Loved it when he took off his jacket and threw it across the floor! Leo & his mom Cory chose a song I absolutely love, My Wish be Rascall Flatts, which Joseph Philip sang beautifully, and made me cry! Leo's dads blessing and greeting was set the tone for a beautiful evening.

Being graduates of LaSalle, Alicia surprised Leo with a special appearance from Explorer, the team mascot! Now, naturally as Del's Groove likes to do all we can do, Alex, our trumpet player phenom downloaded the collage fight song on his Iphone and added a little extra surprise to get Explorer going!

Alicia & Leo's friends and family did the rest by packing the dance floor, wearing me out with their incredible dancing!

All the best to Alicia & Leo, Del's Groove was honored to have been chosen to be a part of your special day. Thank you Pennacchia & Midure family & friends for showing us a great time!

Love to you all!

Special thank you to The Drexelbrook for once again, taking great care of us as well!