Sunday, October 14, 2012

Del's Groove RoCk'S the Reception of Nicole & Paul!

Nicole & Paul entered their reception to the Theme from Rocky. Little did Del's Groove know as they played the popular theme with our horn section wailing, did we know Paul would be dressed in the silk robe just like Rocky did! This couple set the tone in perfect harmony not only with Del's Groove, but their awesome friends & family to RoCk this reception! Nicole & Paul had our guitarist and vocalist Raymond Smith start the party with their favorite tunes at cocktail hour. The date was September 29th, 2012 at the beautiful venue at The Bank Barn at The Highpoint. Attention to detail, this couple hosted a spectacular party for everyone. Del's Groove had the dance floor packed and everyone had a blast! Thank you Nicole & Paul for choosing Del's Groove to perform at your wedding, it will certainly be a wedding we will never forget!
All the best,
Susan (delsdiva)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dels Groove RoCkS the Tent at Meghan & Dans Wedding

         The first thing that comes to mind is Del's Groove never opened up the dance floor like we did at Meghan & Dan's wedding! Meghans dad Tom certainly got the momentum going when he danced with his daughter to Old Time Rock and Roll. All the guests filled the floor and the party seemed to never end! This of course after Meghan and Dan danced their first dance to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley done beautifully by vocalist Philip Joseph. We finally got Dan to share a moment with his mom as they danced to Wonderful World.
        The beautiful estate at Andalusia RoCkEd into the evening under the grand tent surrounded by the river and trees. Del's Groove had such a blast with this lovely couple, their friends and families. The favorites of this couple they shared with their guests, especially memorable was the milk and freshly baked cookies they served mid evening. The special touches this special coupled shared will always be remembered.
Thank you for allowing Del's Groove to be a part of your special day!
All the best to you both and your awesome families & friends!
Hugs ~
Susan @delsdiva

Friday, October 5, 2012

Del's Groove RoCk'S Meg & Dan's Reception at The Philadelphia Country Club!

photograph by Avi Loren Fox

photograph by Avi Loren Fox

photograph by Avi Loren Fox

photograph by Nikolai Fox & Avi Loren Fox

photograph by Nikolai Fox

Meg & Dan were married on September 22, 2012. Del's Groove had the honor to RoCk their Reception at the Philadelphia Country Club! This couple danced their first dance to God Only Knows be the Beach Boys. From there on, the dance floor was packed and I am pretty sure Meg did not sit down once! Meg also helped me out with a few tunes!
We also had the pleasure to work with Avi Loren Fox Photography who was generous to allow me to use some shots for my blog, I had a tough time picking as they were all awesome. Please visit their website  to see their beautiful work. I also have to mention a special thank you to the awesome staff at The Philadelphia Country Club for their warm hospitality.
All the best to the new Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Ruthven, and thank you so much for allowing Del's Groove to RoCk your Reception!
Susan @delsdiva