Sunday, May 4, 2014

Del's Groove RoCkS the Reception of Dan & Jaime!

  We were so thrilled to get the call to provide the music for Dan & Jaime's wedding. Del's Groove is no stranger to the Simon family as it was our third time to be fortunate enough to be in their company. It was so wonderful to see everyone again.
Del's Groove provided the ceremony, cocktail and reception music at Appleford Estate,  and once again this family and their friends were entertaining as well!
Special shout out to Spark Photography for their beautiful photos, please be sure to check them out at

All the best to Dan & Jaime, and thank you so much for allowing Del's Groove to
take part in your special day!
Susan (@delsdiva)

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  1. Thanks Del's Groove. You well done here.
    Nice to meet you...